Here is a more in depth review of exactly what it is
that will fill your tables every day

"Have You Ever Heard Of Facebook Check In ?"

If you look on a Facebook page it is sometimes on the top row of buttons

just under the header ...

When Facebook changed their algorithms in 2018 to prioritise family and friends posts it was a killer blow for many small businesses

Many small businesses went under in 2018 because of Facebooks changes ...

In one foul swoop small businesses found their posts were no longer getting seen

and they had to turn to Facebook ads to stand any chance of success....

Facebook ads were a good source of traffic at one stage. However this didn't last long either:

  • The prices went up as more and more people wanted to advertise
  • The cost per click went up too meaning less clicks for your money,gone are the days of penny clicks or less
  • In effect only the big businesses could afford to advertise after a while
    pushing a lot of smaller businesses to the wall
  • Page reach went down for ads too as Facebook wanted you to spend more and more
    of your money on their ads

But Now You Will Finally Be Able To Solve Your Problem ...

I have created this system for you in this way to enable anyone who runs a food business
to be able to capitalise on the power of the customer and Facebook.

I obviously cannot be everywhere in person all over the country so I have given you,
the owner, the information and online help to be able to run this wherever you live in the UK
with help from myself to manage it with you.

Otherwise this would be very limited in area for me and you would miss out on thousands
upon thousands of potential customers for your business.

The problem is with Facebook prioritising family and friends posts over all others  correct?

Well with the check in method it is your customers themselves who will do your advertising for you
( for a small ethical bribe)

When a person comes into your restaurant or eating establishment and checks in they are sending a personal recommendation out to all of their friends and family which also gets seen as it is prioritized by Facebook.

So with one simple system you now have literally unlimited advertising in the palm of your hand

So How Does It Work ...

Briefly what happens is customers come into your business and enjoy a meal there. They then do the following:

It Is That Easy To Solve Your Problem And Increase Customers

You see when the customer(s) check in at your restaurant it gets sent to all of their friends and family
who then comment,like and sometimes share the post too.

And with the average person having around 200 friends on Facebook that is a lot of free advertising for you.
The customer has personally recommended and endorsed your restaurant or eating establishment
to all of their friends and family who in turn will remember that and possibly come there themselves
based on that recommendation.

Over 80% of people go somewhere due to a personal recommendation from someone else.

This is powerful stuff you will have in your hands which no one else is doing yet.

Imagine just how this could effect your business ...

  • Better atmosphere in your restaurant leading to more recommendations ...
  • More customers checking out your restaurant based on personal recommendations of their friends ...
  • The extra customers as the check in campaign goes viral ...
  • Customers are getting a great deal and want more of it ...
  • More customers= more money for you ...
  • Running monthly competitions will increase customers as more will check in and share on Facebook  ....

The Facebook Check In Service Is Very Very Powerful For Your Business,Don't Underestimate The Potential

This is the basics of the program but there is a lot more detail to it to get it running smoothly so you don't even know it's there,just keep taking the extra cash coming through the door each week.

If you want to know more then feel free to contact me Francis Faulkner by email on

and I will be happy to give you more information.

OR Voicemail me a message with your contact details and I will get back to you



Here's to your success in the future



Francis Faulkner

CEO Cody's Corner Limited

Of course you are completely covered by my 30 day
money back guarantee here so if after 30 days

you haven't seen any increase in customers just send
me an email and I will refund your payment
back into your bank

No quibbles at all.


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